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Our writing intent is rooted in the belief that writing is a fundamental life skill, essential for communication, expression, and personal growth. We aim to nurture confident, independent writers who find pleasure and satisfaction in expressing themselves through written communication. By providing a rich variety of stimuli and purposeful writing tasks, we seek to inspire our pupils to explore diverse topics and genres, igniting their creativity and imagination. Through guided practice and constructive feedback, we intend to cultivate writers who can skilfully craft their ideas with precision, coherence, and fluency. Our goal is to instil in our pupils a deep appreciation for the power of words and the confidence to utilise language effectively. We equip them with the tools of accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar to express themselves with clarity and impact.



At Rayleigh Primary school we do this by:

  • Teaching using high quality texts and examples which are analysed in depth with the children so that they can identify essential features and enrich their vocabulary, which they can then apply in their own writing.
  • Practising and consolidating spelling, grammar and punctuation skills until all children can apply them in their own work.
  • Providing a real purpose for writing and enabling them to become increasingly aware of their intended audience.
  • Incorporating a variety of stimuli, including video clips, music, and drama, to captivate children's interest and ensure that learning is both engaging and purposeful.
  • Using a range of spoken language skills such as hot seating, public speaking and performance.
  • Collaboration, modelled writing, and shared writing experiences.
  • Providing challenge, scaffolding and support where appropriate.
  • Giving opportunities for pupils to plan, edit and revise their work.
  • Using a success criteria for pupils so self-assess and/ or peer-assess so they can evaluate their own work and identify areas for development.
  • Ensuring neat, legibly and joined up handwriting.



  • Pupils genuinely enjoy the act of writing, finding it both fulfilling and rewarding.
  • They confidently articulate their knowledge and ideas through written communication.
  • Pupils acquire a diverse vocabulary, enabling them to express themselves with precision and richness.
  • They develop a solid grasp of grammar principles, enhancing the clarity and structure of their writing.
  • Pupils consistently apply spelling rules accurately. 
  • They possess the skills to adapt their writing style based on the intended purpose and audience, showcasing versatility and adaptability.
  • Their writing is characterised by clarity, accuracy, and coherence, reflecting a mastery of effective communication.

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