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Physical Education

At Rayleigh Primary, we strive for our PE curriculum to inspire our children to enjoy physical activities and exercise and to know why it is important. We also teach and encourage children to show respect, follow sports rules and be reflective learners who can improve their performance through evaluating themselves and others when working as a team. We believe that all children should have the chance to experience a wide variety of sports - including swimming - and develop physical skills which will enhance life-long fitness and life choices.

We follow the Get Set 4 PE scheme of work which offers all children the opportunities to develop their physical fundamental movement skills, as well as achieving holistic objectives through gaining a knowledge of rules, strategies and tactics and building an understanding of healthy participation.  

Each lesson has progressive activities that are designed to inspire and engage our pupils. There are clear learning objectives with key success criteria, which provides information to help pupils develop skills and to evaluate how successful they have been within a lesson. Teachers model skills being taught and ensure misconceptions are addressed at the earliest opportunity. Adaptive teaching tasks provide activities with simple changes to appropriately challenge and support, ensuring all pupils are successful and feel included. 

We recognise that learning takes time; all lessons are sequential and build on prior knowledge and skills. Our pupils benefit from high quality instruction, time to practise and receive meaningful, in the moment feedback. Revisiting and recapping prior teaching happens at the start of every lesson to ensure prior knowledge is built upon. 

Swimming is taught in our own, covered pool, to ensure that children meet the National Curriculum objective of being able to swim 25m unaided by the end of Key stage 2. 

Through the Castle Point and Rochford School Sports Partnership, we provide children with opportunities to take part in non-competitive sports with other schools, such as dance festivals and team games, without the pressure of competition. We do also provide children with the opportunity to take part in competitive sports in a safe environment, where they can take risks and learn the value of teamwork - these events can range from school Sports Days to externally-run competitions and tournaments for school teams. These events encourage our children to develop a strong sense of sportsmanship.

Our curriculum is inclusive, and enables all children to feel successful at their own stage of physical development. Pupils develop confidence in their own physical abilities as well as growing in teamwork skills and sportsmanship. They experience a wide range of sports and exercise opportunities and understand the importance and value of keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Pupils leave our school with many sporting skills, including ball skills, team skills and swimming. 



Long Term Plan - PE