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Encouraging Positive Mental Health 


Zones of Regulation in each classroom. Children can talk about their emotions throughout the day and explain how they are feeling relating to colours. If a child is particularly worried or anxious, then there is a space in each class they can visit, play with sensory toys and relax before starting to learn.


Mental Health Week - Certified by Place2B. Assemblies / activities developed with teachers. Activities targeted to support children's mental wellbeing including an exciting art day. 


Worry boxes - Children given the opportunity to write their worries down and place in their class worry boxes. These are collected by the teacher and discussed with the child. This helps children talk about their worries. A worry shared is a worry halved.


'Blurt it Out' - Children get time each term to 'Blurt it Out' with their teacher on a 1:1 basis. They can discuss anything that is on their mind in a safe space. 


Healthy Foods are encouraged - Children have international food dinner days. This helps promote the love of healthy foods. 


Resilience is one of our school values and is naturally woven into the curriculum. We will face challenges, we will have difficulties but we will combat these challenges positively.


All children’s abilities are celebrated each week during our achievement assembly. Rayleigh Primary School is known for recognising every child’s individual talent. Whether this maybe something they complete at home, their academic ability or a talent.