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Please contact staff by phone 01268 775712 or email for all enquiries.

Staffing 2021-2022

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Kapovic


Mrs Gilbert 

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Cole

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Leeman

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Eagling


Teaching Team

Mrs Brown

Nursery Teacher (RE Lead)

Miss Wheeler

Reception Teacher (PSHE/RSE and Early Years Lead)

Miss Farmer

Reception Teacher (Outdoor Learning Lead)

Miss Feldwick

Year 1 Teacher (PE, EAL and MFL Lead)

Mrs Gilbert

Year 1 Teacher (DHT)

Mrs Prasser

Year 1 Teacher (Music Lead)

Mrs Furmage

Year 2 Teacher (ITT Lead)

Mrs Baillieul

Year 2 Teacher (Science Lead)

Miss Cole

Year 3 Teacher (Assistant Headteacher - Reading and Curriculum)

Miss Stone

Year 3 Teacher (Design and Technology Lead)

Mrs Hall

Year 3 Teacher (Computing Lead)

Mrs Blatcher

Year 4 Teacher (Writing Lead)

Mrs Day

Year 4 Teacher 

Miss Schubert (for Miss Diebelius)

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Taylor 

Year 5 Teacher (Maths Lead)

Mr Leeman 

Year 5 Teacher (Assistant Headteacher - Assessment and Maths)

Mrs Tapsell

Year 6 Teacher (Humanities and Art lead)

Miss Newe

Year 6 Teacher (Humanities and Art lead)

Miss Adams

Maternity Leave


Teaching Support Staff Team

Mrs Krise

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Mahoney

Mrs Smith

Mrs Slowe

Early Years

Mrs Motley (HLTA)

Mrs Kealy 

Miss Hatt

Miss Bober

Miss Ryan

Key Stage 1

Mrs Willson

Mrs Whitbourn

Mrs Miller (HLTA)

Mrs Thorn

Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs Dickel

Mrs Winning

Mrs Holloway

Mrs Johanson

Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs Crowe

Mrs Ewing

Cover Supervisor


Miss Day

Miss Gell

Mrs Davies

Mrs Scillitoe


Operational Staff Team

Miss Browne - Office Manager

Mrs Wade - Finance Officer

Mrs Saunders - Administrative Assistant

Mrs Norton - Administrative Assistant

Miss Seery - Administrative Assistant

Mrs Jones - Administrative Assistant

Miss Flewitt - Administrative Apprentice


Ms Winslow - Catering Manager

Mrs Day

Mrs Dines 

Mrs Cole


Mrs McDonald - Midday Supervisor

Mrs Ciliberto

Mrs Bessent

Mrs Crisp

Mrs Dearman

Mrs Finch

Mrs Fisher

Mrs Frost

Mrs Glen

Miss Guesdon

Mrs Hain

Mr Levy

Mrs Long

Mrs Nelson

Miss Samuels

Mrs Trumm

Mrs Wright

Midday Team

Mr Seagroatt - IT Technician


Mr Howe

Mr Antonioni

Site Team

Mrs Dearman - Supervisor

Mrs Crisp

Mrs Day

Mrs Finch

Mrs Glen

Miss Guesdon

Mrs Nelson

Mrs Slowe

Wraparound Care Team