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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At Rayleigh Primary School, we aim to instil a love of language and an awareness of other cultures in all of our pupils. We want children to develop the confidence to communicate in French for practical purposes, using both written and spoken language.


Through our teaching of MFL, we aim to give pupils a foundation for language learning that encourages and enables them to apply their skills to learn further languages, developing a strong understanding of the English language, facilitating future study and opening opportunities to study and work in other countries in the future. We aim to develop links with other schools and learners around the world, providing opportunities for our pupils to communicate with children through written letters and by online video communication, allowing pupils to practise their language skills in authentic situations and showing the greater purpose of learning a language and showing appreciation for other cultures.


Rayleigh Primary School’s scheme of work supports pupils to meet the National curriculum end of Key Stage 2 targets. Although there are no National curriculum targets in MFL for Key Stage 1 and EYFS, we also aim to provide the same experiences and base for language learning and appreciation to all pupils from Nursery onwards.