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At Rayleigh Primary School, we make music an enjoyable learning experience for all children as they participate in a variety of musical activities, through which we aim to build up their love of music, self- confidence and sense of achievement.  Children will gain a firm understanding and appreciation of music through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, and composing across a wide variety of historical periods, styles, traditions, and musical genres. As children progress through the school, they will increasingly understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated through the interrelated dimensions of music: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical notation.  


We are committed to fostering a life-long love of music and developing a curiosity for the subject by exposing pupils to diverse musical experiences and igniting a passion for music. In addition, we want children to understand and accept the validity and importance of all types of music and have an unbiased respect for the role that music may take in any person’s life. 


Children will gain an understanding of the value and importance of music in the wider community and will be able to use their musical skills, knowledge, and experiences to involve themselves in music, in a variety of different contexts.