Rayleigh Primary School has a lot more to offer than just an engaging and progressive curriculum. We have a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs, that take place before school, at lunch time and after school.

We have popular Activity Clubs, Breakfast Club and After School Club.

Booking forms for clubs can be found as an office 'tab' or using the link above.

School activity clubs

School activity clubs are the range of activities that take place before, lunch time and after school. They are a mixture of clubs run by the school teachers, school PE team and alternative providers. As such, some are free and some are charged at cost.

Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club runs from 7:45 am until the start of school at 8:45 am. The start of Breakfast club is calculated so families can get to the train station in time for a fast train. Breakfast club is run to the numbers the adults in charge can legally take. The club is run by the school.

After School Club.

After school club start straight after school and children are taken to the club by an adult. The club is run by the school and has two official end times. One to coincide with the end of Activity Clubs so parenst can pick up children together, and the other at approximately 5:45pm. Again this can change depending on the train timetable and the return of the express train. Parents are asked to phone the club if they are going to be late. We have to investigate when parents do not return on time, this means using our contact numbers. If we cannot get in touch with a family member we must assume the worst and contact the Police and Social Care to ensure your child has the correct support at a time of crisis.

Holiday Clubs.

At Rayleigh primary we are proud to work with Kidz Camp Essex to provide activities for children during the school holidays. Please click on the image below to discover more.