A UNICEF Rights Respecting School.

UNICEF - Rights-Respecting School Award

The UNICEF Rights-Respecting School Award is a the mainstay of our school. It sets the culture and standards for how we all wish to be treated. It accepts that everyone should have their human rights protected and uses the rights of the child to begin a journey of understanding.

At Rayleigh Primary School we teach children to give one another the rights of the child. Obviously this is made complicated by the number of rights there are so we simplify these down into four key areas.

  • All children have a right to education and play.
  • All children have a right to protection.
  • All children have a right to be cared for and live a full life.
  • All children have a right to freedom including thought and expression.

These are displayed in the hall and used as themes for our assemblies.

By linking our Personal. Social, Citizenship and Health Education to these principles we build a holistic system where children learn to treat each other well, learn to talk through their problems and see themselves as capable of ensuring they all successful in school.

The Department for Education has been keen to see schools develop 'British Values'. By this they mean our children should learn tolerance for others, how to collaborate and resolve differences together, in a harmonious way. This is the heart of the UNICEF Rights of the Child Award.

If you would like to learn more about the Rights Respecting School Award, please click the link.