Welcome to our Initial Teaching Training Page.

What is Initial Teacher Training?

Initial Teacher Training is the term given to the programmes offered to those who wish to qualify as teachers. 

The Study Route.
The traditional route to qualify as a teacher was to undertake study at university. There were two options to qualify through a university. One was to undertake a subject based degree and then take a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. This option gave the candidate specialist subject knowledge and knowledge on how to teach. The other was to undertake a degree in education which balanced subject knowledge with a wider knowledge of child development and understanding of teaching. 

Work Placements.
More recently government has recognised a desire to see those wishing to become teachers trained in schools.Although the terminology varies, these work based routes to becoming a teacher are either self funded as any other higher qualification, or salaried. 

We offer these work placed routes and they are called, School Direct.

Our Offer

Here at the South Essex Teaching Institute, we train Early Years, Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and Secondary candidates.

Our partner schools are centred around the town of Rayleigh but extend to Rochford, Heybridge, Southend on Sea and Thurrock.

This means we have the capacity to offer not only the age you would like to train in but also a wide range of schools sizes, social backgrounds and even specialist provision experiences.

Essex Teacher Training

The alliance uses Essex Teacher Training to add extra value to our provision. They offer specialist training, award teacher status and provide credits at masters level should candidate wish to seek a Masters Degree.

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