Welcome to our School to School Support Page.

Whole School INSET

The greatest challenge we face when we seek to bring about change is ensuring we have a clear picture of where we are and where we want to go. A challenge in any organisation is how to illustrate this to everyone at the same time. We are fortunate as within out alliance we can host visitors. Staff are happy to be observed, discuss and share practice throughout the alliance. We are even fortunate enough to be able to host a whole primary school in one day. Once again starting the discussion, what can we see, what do we do differently and how can we learn together.

Audits, Blinks, Reviews and Planning for Improvement.

We are fortunate as an alliance to have a variety of colleagues from both the primary and secondary sectors capable of undertaking initial auditing. This includes whole school, subject, financial or specific focus reviews in areas such as Pupil Premium.

Colleagues are trained as National Leaders of Education, Ofsted inspectors, quality assurance inspectors, pupil premium reviewers, assessment moderators and even financial auditors. We have experience of amalgamation, federation and changing status.

As a result we are confident we can support you capture your school's current position and plan for improvement. 

Networks of Practice.

We all accept that we learn from our mistakes as we grow from childhood to an adult. We become aware of many of these mistakes through arguments, criticism or just talking through ideas with others. We believe this is the key to powerful learning and as such our vision involves creating small networks of practitioners to support school improvement. The idea is not to send one guru to tell others what to do, nor to re-mould a school, department or individual into a clone. Our aim is to bring different perspectives to the journey of school improvement, learn from them and achieve a better outcome in doing so.