Welcome to our Research and Development Page
Action Research

We encourage all our staff to take part in classroom based action research. This can be as simple as introducing a new scheme of work to trialing a innovative teaching methodology to your class. This work is low pressure in that there is no external assessment body, no large dissertation to write and no requirement to present finds outside your own school.
It does however offer the opportunity to experiment and investigate an aspect of education an individual teacher is interested in. Once completed this investigation may lead onto a more robust and evidenced piece of research. 
Collective Research

We also encourage staff work work across schools on one central theme. The objective here is to develop approaches that work to questions that apply to all schools in the alliance. For example, a national question regarding the standards of writing produced by boys. Will this improve through more structured intervention in writing skills or through more innovation in what motivates boys. 
Professional Research

We undertake research that is funded by external organisations. Commonly this arrives through government initiative such as addressing assessment without levels. The quality control of such work depends greatly upon who funds the research and how they structure the research. This research can support staff obtain higher qualifications including PhD level.