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School Governance


Rayleigh Primary School is the sponsor for the South Essex Alliance Multi-Academy Trust. As such, the school operates a local School Board. Those elected to the School Board serve in a voluntary capacity.  They are either elected by the parents or their fellow teachers, or are co-opted.

 The post of Clerk to the Governing Body is reconfirmed annually, as are the appointments of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

 The Chairman is Mr Bohdan Bezdel and the Vice- Chairman is Mrs Julie Bass

 The governors are responsible for:-

·      Helping establish (with the Headteacher ) the aims and policies of the school.

·      Determining how standards can be maintained and improved.

·      Deciding the conduct of the school.

·      Helping to draw up (with the Headteacher and staff) the School Development Plan.

·      Helping to decide how to spend the school’s budget.

·      Making sure the National Curriculum and RE are taught.

·      Appointing, promoting and supporting staff.

·      Acting as a link between the local community and the school.

·      Drawing up an action plan after inspection and monitoring its progress.

 The Governing Body currently meet once each term to conduct the general business of the school.  Its committees meet more regularly and include Finance / Premises & Personnel and Curriculum.

 Complaints procedure.

If you have any concerns about the conduct or content of your child’s schooling, your first approach should be to the school.  In most circumstances the class teacher should be able to deal with your concerns.

The Headteacher will be pleased to discuss any matters with you usually without prior notice.

In the event of a complaint about the curriculum or collective worship, the Governing Body would follow the procedures set out in the approved procedure.


All school policies are available through the school office should parents wish see them.

Here you can find all the relevant documents pertaining to the running of Rayleigh Primary Academy Trust