Our Curriculum

Rayleigh Primary School has changed over time from a small village school, with the cows going to pasture past the front gate, to a large modern primary. During its history it has changed many times and as a result, our classrooms are diverse, quirky places full of memories that fire the imagination. As the school has changed, so our knowledge of Teaching and Learning has changed. To ensure our curriculum meets the needs of the modern age, it is based upon the best research we can find.

Our curriculum is continually evolving in content although the fundamental structure remains the same. Detailed in our Curriculum Policy, we believe English and Mathematics are best taught within a context that gives them purpose. For example, writing scientifically when carrying out a science experiment, writing a news article about the shock of a Viking invasion or learning currency by running a restaurant. Thus our curriculum has English and Mathematics infused throughout.

Overlaying this are our beliefs regarding how children learn. For many these are called Thinking Skills or Learning Styles. A simple way of expressing some of these are Visual, Audial and Kinaesthetic. In other words children learn best if they have the same learning presented for them to see, hear and touch. This multisensory and multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of all our learning.

As children grow they can understand more and more abstract information. Although the same principles exist for all children but it is the art of the teacher that ensures children learn in the clearest and most enthusing manner. Therefore our curriculum accepts that there will be key differences between the classrooms of the very youngest and the very oldest. As our curriculum evolves these changes will be detailed in the Year Group Pages.

Curriculum Policy

Year Group Summaries