About RPS

Rayleigh Primary school is a two form entry school with its own nursery. It is in the middle of the Essex town of Rayleigh. Rayleigh Primary (often known as Love Lane) is the oldest school in the town opening in 1895 as separate boys' and girls' schools. These then became mixed infant and junior schools, then in 1995 the two schools amalgamated to become a primary school. We  became an Academy and a Teaching School in 2013. 


Statement of Values.

Rayleigh Primary School is committed to equal opportunities for all those within its constituency. This includes employees, volunteers and the children within its care.

‘We aim to create a Partnership that acknowledges, promotes and celebrates the differences that exist in our society today, ensuring that all children and their families have equal opportunities, equal access and are treated with equal concern. In addition, we aim to challenge positively all discrimination in terms of culture, gender, ability, age, socio-economic background or competency in English so that every individual will have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and have a wider choice in life.’

A World of Opportunities. pg4.


Rayleigh Primary School, its children and adults, is an extension of the community it serves, its beliefs, aspirations and achievements. As this community grows through access to the wider world so must the aims of our school grow to meet the diversity of opportunities offered to our children. The recognition of this diversity and a commitment to the individual lies at the heart of our philosophy.